On Campus Residents

All students residing in a residence hall (Cumberland, Garber, North Pearce, Sanford, Weaver, and West) will be automatically assigned to the All Access Meal Plan. Upperclassmen may select the All Access Meal Plan or the 12 Meal Plan.   Meal plans do not auto renew for the next semester. A new meal plan will need to be chosen each semester.  Meal plan changes may be made during the first two weeks of each semester.  Visit the Business Office to change your plan or contact the Campus Dining office.  Unused Monarch Dollars associated with the Meal Plan will roll over from the fall to spring semester but not from the spring to fall semester. Monarch Dollars added to your account do not expire and carry over each semester as long as you remain enrolled at the University. 
  • All Access $3,213.00

    All Access

    • Unlimited Meals in Green & Gold Dining Hall
    • $250 Monarch Dollars
  • 12 Meals per Week $3,213.00

    12 Meals per Week

    • 12 Meals / week in Green & Gold Dining Hall
    • $400 Monarch Dollars

Need help with your meal plan?

Randell Nairn