Dining on campus isn’t one size fits all. Our meal plans were designed to meet your unique needs. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with friends or just a snack on the go – we’ve got a plan to fit every appetite.

Living on campus?  Learn more about residential meal plan options.

Living off campus? Choose from any of our flexible meal plans that fit your lifestyle!

For more information on Meal Plans, visit our Meal Plan Orientation and Meal Plans 101 pages!

We’ve kept what’s most important to you in mind, building in the convenience, flexibility, quality, value and healthy options you deserve. Explore our meal plan options to learn more about what would be the best fit for you.

Our Meal Plans

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Off Campus Residents
You're already on campus, dine with us! As a commuter student your time is valuable. Dont waste a minute of it searching off-campus for a meal. Purchase any meal plan that fits your lifestyle!

A Meal Plan is Convenient

Never lose your parking spot! Dont go off campus eat with us!
You can enjoy a relaxing lunch with friends or grab something quick
Choose your favorites, make a colorful plate, and get on your way back to class in plenty of time

A Meal Plan = Variety & Good Food

You can pick from an almost endless variety of choices that strike your fancy in our residential dining locations
You can easily check nutrition info; pick hot or cold entrees, sides and desserts; try new dishes or old favorite; and find made without gluten, vegetarian and vegan selections.
You deserve the Best Campus Food...and a meal plan provides it with value built in!
On Campus Residents
Meal plan requirements are based on your residence hall. Download the Minimum Required Meal Plans by Residence Hall PDF for more information!

These students can choose to upgrade to the All Access or the Green & Gold 12 Meal Plan. Students residing off campus are not required to purchase a meal plan and may purchase a residential meal plan or an apartment/ commuter meal plan.

Meal plan changes may be made during the first two weeks of each semester. Please contact the Campus Dining office, located in the Green & Gold Dining Hall to change your meal plan.   For more information on Meal Plans, visit our Meal Plan 101 page!
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