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On Campus Residents

All students residing in a residence hall (Cumberland, Garber, North Pearce, Sanford, Weaver, and West) will be automatically assigned to the All Access Meal Plan. Upperclassmen may select the All Access Meal Plan or the 12 Meal Plan. Students residing in Cape Fear Commons Apartments, McLean, The Greek Houses, or off campus are not required to purchase a Meal Plan and may purchase any plan available. 

Students who would like to select a different plan for the fall 2017 semester may do so through Monday, September 4, 2017 by completing this short online form. If you do nothing, you will be on the All Access Meal Plan. Please allow 5 business days for changes to take effect. 

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12 Meals per Week


This plan offers 12 meals per week at Green & Gold Dining Hall, and $400 Monarch Dollars per semester. This plan is $3,058 per semester + tax.

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