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Living off campus brings a different set of needs and challenges to college life. Commuters and residents in the surrounding apartments are offered a select group of meal plans specifically tailored with flexibility in mind. All non-resident plans are offered in blocks of meals that can be used at any time. NOTE: Block meals expire at the end of the semester. Click here to view your meal plan options or to purchase a plan.

AUG 25 | Welcome Back Fiesta @ Dinner

SEPT 07 | Nugget Night @ Dinner

SEPT 10 | National Hot Dog Day @ Lunch

SEPT 20 | From Our Home to Your Plate Dinner

OCT 02 | Oktoberfest

OCT 04 | National Taco Day @ Lunch

OCT 31 | Fall Fest

NOV 06 | National Nachos Day @ Lunch

NOV 16 | Mac & Cheese Mania @ Dinner

NOV 20 | Friendsgiving Dinner

NOV 30 | Customer Appreciation Day @ Lunch

DEC 04 | National Cookie Day @ Lunch

DEC 07 | Finals Late Night